FIELD DAY REVIEW 11 (2015), a journal of Irish studies, S. Deane & C. Deane, eds. (pdf only)

Field Day Review 11 (2015). A journal of Irish studies and international cultural studies. Field Day sets the standard in Irish academic publishing.



  • Denis Donoghue Easter 1916 
  • Lucy Cotter The Linguistic Self: An interview with Katarina Zdjelar
  • Eli Evans The Alchemists: On the Rise of Podemos
  • Michael Quigley Up the Republic! Really
  • Patrick Joyce ‘Time thickens, takes on flesh’ —The Other West
  • Christopher Morash Bewildered Remembrance: W. B. Yeats’s The Dreaming of the Bones and 1916
  • Seamus Deane Republics That Were and Might Be


  • Kevin Honan The Pleasure in Drawing, by Jean-Luc Nancy

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