The solution to erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction and impotence are not the same disease. Impotence implies a lack of desire for sexual intercourse. And erectile dysfunction can be cured, restoring all the functionality of the sexual system. That is why doctors today very rarely use the term “impotence”.

To effectively eliminate the problem, it is necessary to identify the causes of the disorder. Endocrine factors include prolactinoma (pituitary tumor) and reduced function of the sex glands. Medicinal causes include abuse or chaotic taking of medications. The most common local causes are penile trauma. Neurological factors include multiple sclerosis, impaired cerebral circulation, trauma to the brain and spinal cord, and Parkinson’s disease.

From vascular causes allocate atherosclerotic lesions of the blood vessels of the penis, and dysfunction of the venous system of the organ. Finally, psychological factors often lead to erectile dysfunction: stress, depression, fatigue, fear of sexual impotence, negative sexual experience, conflict.

Do not be afraid of the first symptoms of erectile dysfunction – perhaps the failure in the body has arisen in connection with overwork, nervous overexertion. But with frequent recurrence of the symptom, it is necessary to seek help. If desired, the patient can be diagnosed and treated anonymously.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

  • Libido disorders – reluctance to physical intimacy;
  • Lack of erection is of a periodic nature;
  • Lack of erection;
  • Sudden disappearance of an erection;
  • Absence of morning erection.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

  • Appointment of medical drugs – inhibitors (phosphodiesterase enzyme): “Viagra”, “Cialis” and others.
  • Use of special vasodilators (injection into the urethra or cavernous bodies).
  • Vacuum-constrictor therapy with the use of vacuum devices working on the principle of negative pressure.
  • Surgical treatment: ligation of the deep vein of the penis, arterial bypass, etc.

If you want to get a quick effect, a popular method is the use of specialized medications. This will help you to solve the problem rationally and find those treatments that will be the most valuable and promising. You can buy these medications at Here you’ll find everything you need for a quick and effective solution to the problem of reduced potency. However, if you want to find more effective tools for treating the problem, you should seek help from the clinic.