Virtual gift card

Virtual gift card is more functional than a classic gift card. The buyer can add the card to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and pay with it contactless, like a regular debit card. It can be recharged, used repeatedly, and given away. And it’s not always tied to a specific retailer: a virtual gift from a boutique can be spent in a supermarket or elsewhere. You can find such cards at

Many retailers-food chains, car dealers, clothing stores, home improvement and beauty stores-have gift cards and certificates. Mostly they can be used at the cash register. Less often – on the site: web-integration with the giftware accounting system is complicated and expensive. And for the client everything is quite inconvenient, the card can not be recharged, used several times, to pay for a purchase with credit card funds. Virtual cards are a full-fledged payment instrument with several application scenarios. You can pay with such a card in online stores or link it to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay – and attach it to an ordinary terminal. The card is not disposable: you can recharge it, use it an unlimited number of times, and give it away. There are different cards.

Closed and open. Customers pay with the former in the issuing store (where it was opened), all its branches and franchisees. The second – anywhere: a certificate of an expensive boutique can pay for gasoline at a gas station.

Standard and customizable. Companies can brand their customer gift cards.

How it works

The giver of the virtual card enters his or her information and the recipient (e.g., his or her friend) on the company website, writes a greeting text, chooses a gift amount and pays for it. The friend instantly receives an email with information about the gift. All they need to do is activate it with a code from the SMS. Now the card can be used.

Virtual Visa gift card

Virtual gift card Visa Gift works on the basis of the Visa payment system. With the card you can pay for any purchases at online stores. It is not possible to deposit or withdraw cash from the card repeatedly. The cardholder receives a card activation code with an expiration date; you can start using the card before the code expires. After entering the activation code on the website, the cardholder receives the details on his/her phone: PAN number (16 digits), card expiration date and security code (3 digits). The requisites are needed to make purchases on Internet sites.

As a private person you can get a card as a gift from the company. If you represent an organization, order cards for customers or employees from partners who work with gift bank cards. Virtual cardholders receive activation codes. You need to enter the code and a cell phone number on the operator’s website for SMS notifications of transactions. Card activation means conclusion of a Comprehensive Customer Service Agreement. Pay attention to the card validity period: after it expires, the card cannot be used. You can also buy international cards here